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ARETALK, Issue 4 - Natasha Coates

Another offering in our series of interviews with some awesome goddess-like gymnasts. We really hope you continue to enjoy the articles, and that they inspire you to strive to achieve your own potential!  


Issue 4, August 2018  


 From a gymnast’s eye


Meet elite disability gymnast and BG Disability Gymnastics Ambassador, Natasha Coates from Robin Hood Gymnastics Club. Natasha currently holds an impressive 22 British titles, 36 medals, and is ranked number one in the UK for the fourth consecutive year.


The number of titles Natasha holds is even more impressive when you consider that she has a rare and life-threatening condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, which can cause Natasha to have severe allergic reactions to anything, including exercise and chalk!  These reactions require the regular use of medication and can often require Natasha to be hospitalised, sometimes in intensive care, which can obviously cause huge set-backs in her training and progress. 


Natasha’s commitment and passion for gymnastics could therefore never be in doubt – to show such commitment to something that can make you so ill, shows true grit and determination and fully embodies the Goddess Aretê's spirit of courage and excellence to achieve your true potential – something that Natasha is certainly doing in abundance! 


Life as a gymnast    

Q: What is your favourite apparatus and why? 

A: I really enjoy training beam, however in competition I love performing floor.


Q: Do you enjoy competing?

A: Yes, although the weeks leading to competition can be a bit stressful as I’m very hard on myself. 


Q: What have you struggled with the most in gymnastics and what have you found easy?

A: Flexibility has always come naturally, but that means I struggle to build strength. 


Q: What is preparation for competitions like?

A: STRESSFUL!  I like to have my routines ready at least a month before.


Q: Do you have any strange pre-competition rituals?

A: I always listen to music on my way to the competition and I never watch anyone competing before me.


Q: Do you have any goals for the future? What are they?

A: I’d love to bring out my own leotard line and do more public speaking.


Q: What advice would you give to young aspiring gymnasts?

A: Be brave, stay focused and work hard. Let your talent speak for itself. 


Q: Do you have any top tips for gymnasts?

A: Make sure you’re psychologically prepared for competition as well as physically.


Get to know the gymnast   

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not doing gym?

 A: I enjoy spending time outdoors, and designing leotards.


Q: What is your favourite food?

A: My best friend’s home-made Yorkshire puddings!


This or that?   

Q: Books or Films? 

A: Books, but I do watch a few films too.


 Q: Cats or Dogs?

A:  Dogs all the way!


Q: Sun or Snow

 A: Sun, everything seems better when the sun is shining. 


Q: Morning or Night time

 A: Morning, I find I’m more productive than at night time.


Here’s Natasha adding to her epic medal haul!


Click here if you would like to be directed to Natasha's own website, and click here to read an interview she did with Scope.




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