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Here are our wonderful

Brand Ambassadors


      arete leotards ambassador Izzyarete leotards ambassador Izzy

arete leotards ambassador Izzy

Izzy Hatfield of Stevenage Sports and Acrobatics

Izzy is a 10 year old acro & tumbling gymnast from Hertfordshire.

Izzy is a dancer who came to gymnastics just under 3 years ago and fell in love! Her favourite skills are back flips, tuck backs, layouts, handstand walking and block held handstands. 

Her ambition is to make it to the national finals in both acro and tumbling in 2021, and she is also part of the team GB delegation for eurogym 2021 in Iceland for display gymnastics which she loves as it combines her passion for both dance and gymnastics!

Izzy definitely has the Aretê spirit, and we know that she has the courage and excellence to get to wherever she sets her mind to!





Maisie Lloyd-Jones of Portsmouth Gymnastics Club  

17 year old Maisie is a Senior, a former member of the England Squad, and the 2014 Espoir Floor Champion and vault silver medallist.

After a 24 month break from gymnastics, Maisie has returned to the sport with renewed passion and drive.  She is hoping to return to competing this year after over three years since her last comp - good luck Maisie, we look forward to seeing you out there once again!




 arete leotards ambassador Hollie

Hollie Kitney of Pegasus Gymnastics Academy

Hollie started gym in January  2016  at the age of 9, but through her great attitude, hard work, determination and passion, she has quickly progressed to Regional level.

A happy and strong gymnast, Hollie likes to be a positive role model to others, by promoting kindest and positivity. 

Hollie fully embodies the Aretê spirit and whilst she may be petite, she has the heart of a goddess - well done for working hard to be the best  gymnast you can be, and for being a fantastic role model that is spreading the message of happiness and kindest to our wonderful gymnastics community! 

Hollie still trains WAH but has also taken up coaching and is working her way through their coaching academy.  





Our Former Brand Ambassadors


Lana Chilton of The City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy

18 year old Lana is a Senior, and a member of the 2018 England Squad. 

A stunning and talented gymnast, she is a  solid and skill-full beam worker.

In 2017, she was Bill Mcloughlin Beam Champion and the British Championships Beam Final bronze medallist - what an amazing 2017, let's hope 2018 is just as fabulous for you Lana!


Ella Clay of Phoenix Gymnastics Centre

11 year old Ella works hard to be the very best version of herself possible. Her positivity, passion, and work ethic are a real inspiration to other gymnasts

Like many gymnasts over the years, Ella has had struggles with some skills in the past but she has worked hard to summon up the courage that she needed to get her back on track; passing her Regional Grade 4 and helping her helped her team secure first place recently!

Showing grit and determination, Ella embodies the traits of Goddess Aretê - courage and excellence to achieve her potential - well done Ella, hopefully you have found that your wings already exist and that all you have to do is believe in yourself and fly!


  • Aretê brand reps are gymnasts who are passionate about gymnastics, love our brand and want to make it their fashion. They regularly post pictures of themselves wearing our leotards on social media for their friends to see and are happy for us to promote their gymnastics achievements on our pages too.  The brand rep may be called upon to attend photoshoots and be featured on our website. They will receive free Aretê gymnastics leotards (and other clothing as the range increases), a generous 30% off discount code for any additional purchases, and a 10% off code for their friends and followers. 
  • Aretê Leotards brand reps are expected to remain exclusive to our brand for a minimum of 6 months - at which point the contract will be reviewed. 


    • We require our brand reps to wear Aretê Leotards as often as possible and would expect a rep to upload photographs of themselves wearing their leotards to their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts several times a week, tagging #areteleotards #mypassion #myfashion and www.areteleotards on every photo. 
    • Your accounts will need to be public to be chosen to be our rep, so please do consider if this something you are comfortable with before applying. 



    • We will regularly send you products to wear for training and competitions; some of the items will be sent to you before they are put on our website for sale to the public.
    • You will receive your own unique discount code to use for all additional purchases from our website, for the length of your brand rep-ship
    • We will publicly promote you and your achievements on our social media pages and website.