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If you’re unsure about sizing for your gymnastics leotard, measure the chest, waist, and torso and use the table below to find the right size.

A.   Chest Measurement: Do not hold your breath in! This measurement should be taken whilst you are taking a deep breath with your arms held out at shoulder height.
B.   Waist Measurement: This measurement should be taken at the natural waistline.
C.   Torso Measurement: This is from the centre of the shoulder, down the front, through, and up the back to the starting point.

     If the measurements are almost into the next size, we would recommend that you consider what you intend to use the leotards for:

    • if you would like a close fit for competition, chose the smaller of the two sizes;
    • if you would like a training leotard with some room for growth, consider the bigger size.